Going multilingual

I’ve been talking about writing in english for a while for two different reasons: Because I want to improve my language skills and because I want my non french speaking friends to be able to read my oh so interesting stories. I still haven’t decided if I will directly translate my french posts or if I will write original content in english and since I barely post once a week in french I have absolutely no idea how often I will write in english but I’ll try to post stuff sometimes.

I started going to that japanese school named Coto Language Academy last week and I’m now using english and japanese everyday. I’ve never travelled alone, always with french people, so I’ve been using my native language everyday all my life and thinking about how I’m now able to function without it is pretty strange for me. Of course it’s not 100% since I still interact online with my family, boyfriend and friends back home and sometimes hang out with french friends but still, that’s a big change in my life.
I’ve been using about 3/4 english and 1/4 japanese at home with my japanese flatmates because they’re all able to speak english but my next challenge will probably be to move the cursor between english and japanese toward japanese. It’s really hard for me to fight shyness when I use new languages and as much I now feel confident with my semi-broken english as much my japanese is waaaaay too bad for real use. But if I don’t use it I won’t improve, so I don’t really have a choice. Gambatte, myself, you can do it.

School is pretty good for fighting my social awkwardness. We’re mostly doing speaking practise, sometimes by pairs, everyone at the same time so no one is really looking at you except your unfortunate classmate, and sometimes in front of all the class, a scary huge group of 6 people looking at you, teacher included. I’m really bad at speaking in front of people in whatever language so this is a really nice, and terrifying, practice.

I really wish stepping on the magic land of japan was enough to get instantly fluent but it seems like I have to work hard.

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