Sailor Moon x Isetan collaboration event

With the new Sailor Moon Crystal season coming out on free streaming site Niconico in April it’s time for Naoko Takeuchi to get some royalties out of merch!

It’s not the first time Isetan has a collaboration event with everyone’s favorite magical girl and considering the popularity of the franchise it a safe move to keep going. I remember last years’ blood bath for Samantha Vega’s Luna bag you could find soon after the release on Yahoo auctions for crazy prices.
This year I’m in Tokyo for the release event so I decided to have a look at the collection.

Isetan is a pretty big department store but I found the first Sailor Moon corner quite easily on the 2nd Floor. You could find items from Samantha Vega, Samantha Tiaran Riccimie and Honey punch in a packed booth, with at least one shop staff per square meter, each on them wearing a different coordinate out of the displayed items. The collection included clothing, jewelry, bags, wallets, and cookies in case you wanted to bring a souvenir back to your friends.

sm14 sm13 sm12 Sailor Moon in Isetan

Samantha Vega’s wallets are particularly adorable with a different one for each senshi but they’re also quite pricey. Not everyone has 200€ to spare for a cute wallet. Not me.

At the seventh floor, were you can find the restaurants, you could find a really spacious exhibition space with individual booths for each brand and some other merch in glass displays. I spent quite a long time there taking photos of everything since the staff was less invasive than on the 2nd floor. The displayed collection included clothing, jewelry, bags, stationery, nightwear and various merch as Pullip dolls and Proplica scepters.

Anna Sui X Sailor Moon

Anna Sui’s bags have enormous charms

Sailor Moon Isetan

Good surprise to see the original manga was also sold there


Narue’s adorable nightwear


Sukajan are really everywhere.


I loved the Paul&Joe collection with the Luna&Artemis motif

sm8 Sailor Moon in Isetan Sailor Moon in Isetan Sailor Moon in Isetan Sailor Moon in Isetan
Sailor Moon in Isetan

3000€ tiara is back.

Event information:

Tokyo : March 16~22
Nagoya : March 30~April 5th
Osaka : April 8th~14th

Isetan Shinjuku, 2nd and 7th floor:

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