Sakura overload 2 : Ueno Koen

Ueno Koen is probably one of the two most famous parks in Tokyo with Yoyogi Koen, and is particularly convenient for me because it’s a mere 15 minutes walk from my place, which is the reason why I accepted to go there 3 times in the same week with different people.

My first visit was on March 28th, one of my classmates’ last day in Toyko and a bit early on the sakura season. Lots of people were hanging out in the park but it wasn’t insanely crowded. 3 days after, it was.

The cherry blossom loaded trees were gorgeous but the crowd made the experience a bit less enjoyable, as we were looking for quieter spots in the park. Grabbing an ice cream at the snack stand in the tiny amusement park we headed downstairs to the temple and the Shinobazu Pond. I really enjoyed walking along the water, I think it’s how I like my sakura the most.
If you want to visit Ueno Park during the sakura season I would recommend to do it pretty early in the day to avoid the late-afternoon crowd. Doing it at lunchtime would be a great plan since the temples are full of food stalls.

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Ueno Koen is just next to Ueno station. From there you can walk either to Asakusa or Akihabara for a train-free day in eastern central Tokyo.

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