Henshin9! First time in a japanese convention

Last sunday, Jun asked me if I wanted to go with her to Henshin!9 , a tokusatsu convention held at Tokyo Big Sight, a place well known for the famous Comic Market.

Henshin! is part of an event series called ZR Only and organized by Akaboo, a company specialized in mostly female fan comics markets. Aside from their biggest convention, Comic City, they regularly hold smaller events in Osaka, Tokyo and Fukuoka.

Tokyo Big Sight



The event of the day was actually several smaller events in the same big hall. Since everything was at the same place you could just wander between the different themes, but because it lasted only 4 hours unless you owned a time machine or really good sneakers it was a bad idea to come without a plan. When I talk about small events I talk about 500 tables per theme on average, and the Yowamushi Pedal event counted a crazy 2500 tables.
Small events like small countryside cities with 200 000 inhabitants, because Japan, thank you Japan I love you.
Because the place is so huge and you don’t have a lot of time you’re expected to buy a pamphlet at the entrance with the map and list of booths of the convention you’re attending. That’s basically your entrance ticket (if you’re reading this because you’re interested in going to Comic City I think they have actual tickets you have to pay for, but the small events are usually free)

We spent most of our time in the tokusatsu area since it was why I was there, but wandered around the rest during the last half hour, while most of the circles were already gone. Henshin! was mostly comics and novels but I also saw handmade stationery, accessories or jewelry. A lot of girls from the circles were cosplaying and you know what is sad? No photo policy.
Apart from the thousands of girls in that hall I remember seing only 2 guys sitting in the tokusatsu area, not bad for fanworks about shows originally aimed at boys.

Oh, maybe because it was a fujoshi event.

This event was an interesting experience and if you’re interesting in fan productions I’ll totally recommend trying. Next event in Tokyo by Akaboo is Haru Comic City on March 13 and I’ll probably be there.

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