Kamen Rider the Diner, a restaurant for wannabe super heroes

I kept forgetting to force my friends to go with me to Kamen Rider the Diner so I immediaely accepted when Jun, who was in Tokyo for a few days, suggested to go. We weren’t the only ones to have the same idea this day and the restaurant was packed with fangirls probably coming out from the same tokusatsu convention than us.


This restaurant takes its name from Kamen Rider, one of the biggest japanese SFX TV show franchises, and the decoration wasn’t disappointing. We had dinner in the middle of figures-packed display cases, next to two life size Kamen Riders and a throne you can take pictures on.

Great Leader Chloe

Great Leader Chloe ready to rule the world

Apart from the glorious decoration, the restaurant serves amazing looking food. Some dishes are directly taken from the shows, like Fourze’s space nabe or Den-O’s fried rice & colorful coffee, and some other recreate the show’s motifs. My dish was a super cute potato and tomato gratin shaped like Kivat, Kamen Rider Kiva’s belt and companion, and my drink a cool light-up cocktail from Kamen Rider Ghost. Everytime the staff brings you a dish or drink a short music clip plays and they give you your food with a small joke/quote from the shows.

Kamen Rider the Diner

I wasn’t really attracted by the desserts to I took an other drink after my meal. That’s my D-D-D-Dessert||||||


As for the taste, I haven’t tried a lot of things but everything was pretty good, way better than what I got at Kaiju Sakaba in Osaka. The prices seemed okay, not as cheap as eating a bowl of ramen but reasonable for themed food. You don’t have to pay a table fee but you only have 1h30 to eat and leave, so you can’t stay forever, but this is enough to enjoy your meal, take some silly pictures and look at all the toys.

krd01 krd02 krd03 krd04

I will definely go back at that place to try the Den-O fried rice challenge.

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