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Q-pot Cafe

Q-pot is an accessory brand making super cute food shaped products, and last Friday was my second time going to their Cafe in Harajuku. Q-pot Cafe sells cakes inspired by their cake inspired jewelry, genius idea.   Japanese food companies always release a ton of cherry blossom themed products for spring and Q-pot Cafe also…read more

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Sailor Moon x Isetan collaboration event

With the new Sailor Moon Crystal season coming out on free streaming site Niconico in April it’s time for Naoko Takeuchi to get some royalties out of merch! It’s not the first time Isetan has a collaboration event with everyone’s favorite magical girl and considering the popularity of the franchise it a safe move to…read more

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Toei Hero World, a Kamen Rider fan heaven

Because you never have enough rubber monsters, Jun was back in Tokyo last week and as usual she had great plans. This time we took a train ride to Chiba to go to Toei Hero World with the awesome Linda I was meeting for the first time (10/10 would recommend). Toei Hero World Namco Action Museum is an…read more

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Shirohige’s Cream Puffs

Last week was my school break and I got the nice surprise of Rehem deciding last minute to visit me in Tokyo. Cute places were most of our plans and Shimokitazawa was an obvious stop. Shirohige’s Cream Puff Shop is well known for its Totoro shaped cream puffs but also sell some cute but quite…read more

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