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Q-pot is an accessory brand making super cute food shaped products, and last Friday was my second time going to their Cafe in Harajuku. Q-pot Cafe sells cakes inspired by their cake inspired jewelry, genius idea.



Japanese food companies always release a ton of cherry blossom themed products for spring and Q-pot Cafe also had its own special set, with a beautiful pink Mont Blanc and a sakura latte drink. They also had an Easter themed plate with an adorable bunny shaped cupcake and a banana drink, because althrough Japan doesn’t celebrate christian holidays it’s the country of collectibles and limited editions so they have to try to sell you something related. And because bunnies are cute and Japan loves its cute things.


Because i’m a victim of the cherry blossom consumerism I’m trying every sakura flavored product I find so I HAD to take the cherry blossom plate. I didn’t want to go all pink though, and choose the bunny banana drink. Actually a simplest choice would have been smarter since mont blancs are super sweet cakes and you don’t want to drink a sugary drink with it but eh, there was a bunny cookie in my drink. The mont blanc was really good, with matcha mousse, red bean paste and chestnut in the center, sakura flavored bean paste and a real pickled cherry blossom at the top.
Themed restaurants and cafes are known to have cute but not really good food but honestly Q-pot is really good. The prices are pretty high though.


Prettiest plate ever

Q-pot Café is a good choice to have a nice afternon tea with pretty cake in a super cute environment. The pastry+drink sets start at 1400 yen so it’s way more expensive than your usual cheap Caffè Veloce but it’s a really nice place and the food is pretty good. The Q-pot shop is just in front of the cafe so you can find a matching accessory to go with your cake. Definitely something to add to your Harajuku exploration afternoon.

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