Toei Hero World, a Kamen Rider fan heaven

Because you never have enough rubber monsters, Jun was back in Tokyo last week and as usual she had great plans. This time we took a train ride to Chiba to go to Toei Hero World with the awesome Linda I was meeting for the first time (10/10 would recommend).

Toei Hero World Namco Action Museum is an indoor amusement park I would compare to Namco Namja Town / J-World in Sunshine City. It’s way smaller though, and located in the Makuhari Aeon Mall in Chiba prefecture, about 1 hour from downtown Tokyo. You have to deserve your heroes. It took us a while to get there but once inside we were at least as excited as the 7 years old kids around us.

This place is about Toei’s tokusatsu heroes so if you’re a Kamen Rider, Super Sentai or Metal Heroes fan, it’s for you.

Nous n'étions pas les seules adultes à êtres venues sans enfants, il y avait entre autres ce monsieur aussi occupé que nous à tout prendre en photo.

We weren’t the only adults in there. This guy was was quieter though.

After buying our entrance tickets the staff gave us our energy bracelets we could use inside the park to launch sound and light effects on some of the heroes displayed. Doing so charges the bracelets and at the end of the day we were able to use the energy to launch a special attack and win a random faceplate for it. yay.

bracelets ghost

Accueillies par la team Zyuohger à l'entrée du parc

Despite being small, the place is packed with life-size replicas of Toei heroes, mostly Kamen Rider and Super Sentai from this 15 past years. Some shows are particularly well represented, like Kamen Rider Kiva with 2 different forms, Ixa’s Riging form and Saga whose whip can be lit up with the Energy Bracelet.

ixa rising


Kamen Rider Kiva

Pretty Kiva and Kivara

Kamen Rider Saga

Can we have Saga’s SH Figuarts now Bandai pls

Kiva Emperor Form Kiva Emperor details

Drive, Decade, OOO, Fourze and W were also nicely represented but most of the other riders only had their ultimate form displayed in front of the food corner. Sad we couldn’t pretend to kick Kaixa, Faiz being part of those.

Kamen Rider 555 Blaster Form et W Extreme Form

Don’t worry, son, you’re loved.

Etrange choix pour le display OOO avec les deux Birth, le Ride Vendor, le bras d'Ankh et la Putotyra form, mais pas de Tatoba?

OOO has a cool display with the 2 Birth, Putotyra, the Ride Vendor and Arm Ankh but no Tatoba?

Kamen Rider Disco Ball Bruce Lee Meteor played his transformation music

Kamen Rider Beast

Wizard didn’t have his regular form but had Beast’s ridiculous hyper form.


Showa riders in the middle of all those Heisei things

Kamen Rider W

W’s display was as cool as Accel’s pose looked awkward

Kamen Rider Skull

Apart from Kamen Rider, some full Super Sentai teams were displayed, mostly from recent shows too, as well as a nice collection of reds. None of them had sound or light effect though.


2014’s Sentai series ToQger is pretty high on the genious design ranking.

La team Magiranger au complet

Magical force~

Encore du boulot avant de savoir poser

I have the stupid face to fit in Go-onger but I have to work on my poses

Some  Metal Heroes were also displayed but the place being mostly about recent shows it was a really small selection. Don’t expect a lot of them if you plan to visit the park!

Miku essaye de se mêler aux Space Sheriffs mais ne trompe personne

Miku trying to blend in the Metal Heroes team (why did they put a Kamen Rider villain there? idk)

J'ai des vagues souvenirs de la version américaine de B-Fighters, Beetleborg, qui fut diffusée quand j'avais 10-11 ans, mais c'est pas suffisant pour que ça me parle vraiment

Toei Hero World is not only about life size replicas but is an actual – however small – amusement park with some attractions. I won’t recommend paying for them if you’re an adult though, as they are clearly aimed at small children (unless you’re able to fold you legs 3 times to sit on the tiny bikes). They also offer to take pictures with a “real” hero for 1000 yen. On that day it was Kamen Rider Ghost Drive Form but I suppose it changes regularly. There’s also an arcade style game corner and some food that doesn’t really look delicious. If you want Kamen Rider food I would recommend to go to The Diner in Ikebukuro.

Tried some sweet snack and bought water because I needed that Amazon bottle.

Visiting that place is interesting if you’re a Kamen Rider fan, otherwise you’ll probably find it a bit small. I had a lot of fun, took a ton of pictures and squeeled in front of my favorite heroes but I hope they change the heroes displayed sometimes. Please Namco-san put more Faiz and Gaim for my next visit.

Mon Specter Bracelet m'indique que c'est l'heure de rentrer

Time to go home


Toei Hero World is located in Makuhari’s Aeon mall . From Tokyo you have to take the Keiyo Line to Keihimmakuhari then ride  a bus (or walk 30 minutes)

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