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I said I’ll probably never translate my older posts to English but going back to Nakano Broadway yesterday filled me with motivation and it’s time for me to look back on one of the first posts of this blog, hate myself, and rewrite everything.

On my second week in Tokyo, in November, I managed to get some of my new hostel friends (who are still my friends, true magic) to come with me visit Nakano Broadway, that otaku shopping complex I heard so many good things about. I thought it would be pretty small but it’s actually huge, 3 floors of small shops including 26 different Mandarakes. 26. That’s a lot. It’s also way quieter than Akihabara, even on sunday afternoons you can breath and you don’t have to turn down a maid every 30 meters.


The Mandarake flagship store


coolest thing


Some pretty rare – and expensive – model kits


TV personnality/blogger/seiyu/singer Nakagawa Shouko’s brand store mmts


spaceship-shrine Mandarake Henya holds the vintage toys


Nakano Broadway is on a total of 4 floors including the basement (mostly food, but you can find there the famous ice cream tower) and the things you’ll find the most there are figures, books, and vintage toys, and a ton of other collectibles, like idol pictures, art toys, telephone cards, magical girl transformation items, dolls, showa era movie posters, musical pamphlets, etc.

IMG_0832 IMG_0842 IMG_0845 IMG_0846 IMG_0852 IMG_0857 IMG_0859 IMG_0861 IMG_0866 IMG_0869 IMG_0872 IMG_0873 IMG_0877 IMG_0880





There’s also an Art Gallery on the 2nd floor called Pixiv Zangaroo. They’re currely hosting an exhibition called Oppaichan (special translated post bonus, yay \o/) from #FR2 on photos and Yurie Sekiya on paintings.

Oppaichan Oppaichan



Nakano Broadway is located on the north side of Nakano station, at the end of the shopping arcade just in front of the station.

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