Flowers and fireflies at Expo Commemoration Park

The Expo Commemoration Park is a huge park in the north of Osaka. It was the site of World Expo 1970, is now a public park and is famous for one of Osaka’s emblems, the Tower of the Sun.

Who said "creepy"?

Who said “creepy”?


il y a aussi des trucs sur de l'eau

also stuff on water

The parc usually closes early, around 5, but is exceptionnaly open until 9:30 until june 5th for fireflies watching in their Japanese Gardens. I went there twice these past few weeks and visited different areas of the park before heading for the Japanese gardens (that I haven’t seen during the day yet).

expo02 expo03 expo04 expo06

Lupine flowers are in full bloom at that period of the year and it was beautiful! If you like flowers the rose garden close to the japanese garden is really nice too, and the hydrangea garden (north/north-west) should be blooming now.

expo09 expo10

I kind of got lost on both of my visits, the park being really huge. On my second time there we discovered a cool forest area with bridges and stairs going in the middle of the trees. My pictures from that day are all shitty phone pictures because I got lazy to carry my camera to a place I already knew but I really liked it , even if the “what if there’s an earthquake when we’re on that tower” wasn’t the more reassuring conversation to have. That area is at the north-west of the park.

Instagram art

Instagram art

After strolling in the park and finding the japanese garden it was time for fireflies! It was my first time seing fireflies and I was as excited as the 5 years old who was screaming beside me. I’ve seen more of them on my second time there and the parc must be full of them later in suummer, but unfortunately the event ends this week.

Going to Expo Park is the occasion of having a good look on the Tower if the Sun, that crazy 70 meters high creature. It looks super creepy, in particular at night when its eyes lit up. Too bad they don’t let people go inside anymore, I’ve heard is was super interesting too.

expo01 expo07 expo08 expo11

If you think that tower would be a perfect Power Rangers villain you won’t be surprised to know Bandai did a transforming robot figure of it.


Station: Bampaku-kinen-koen, you must ride the monorail from Senri-Chuo (metro Midosuji Line)

Entrance price: 250 yen


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