Hydrangea storm in Fukuoka

I already went to Fukuoka on my first trip to Japan and, because of a typhoon, couldn’t visit it. I realized after coming again for a few days that I wasn’t actually missing anything. I’m honestly unimpressed.
Of course, it’s not an horrible place, I liked Canal City’s fun architecture and the canals, but I also liked some other pretty malls and canals in other cities, like Osaka with Namba Parks and Dotonbori who were both more apprealing to me. My expectations weren’t super high but I was still expecting having fun in that city and seeing a lot of interesting things because eh, that’s Kyushu biggest city and I’ve read online how people love it. But no. I found it kinda boring. I would probably have a different impression of the area if I could see what’s outside of the city but traveling on a low budget made it difficult.
One of the few good think I can think about was how hydrageas were everywhere. A lot. I’ve seen some after that in Kagoshima because it’s june and everything but I was pretty impressed by the number of varieties in Fukuoka.

hyd01 hyd02 hyd03

You know that annoying friend who stops every minute to take pictures? I was that person.
Luckily, my hostel was next to Kushida shrine, a pretty big shrine in the center of Fukuoka, and that place was full of hydrangeas. I’ve never seen so many different ones at the same place.

hyd04 hyd05 hyd06 hyd07 hyd08 hyd09

Monst people won’t reccomend going to Japan in June because of rainy season but it’s also a good season for flowers and nature in general. If you’re in Fukuoka in June and you like hydrangeas I’d recommend you to go to Kushida shrine! With Canal City it’s the place I enjoyed the most during my stay.

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