Good Smile Company 15th Anniversary in Akihabara

You probably know Good Smile company for their figures, especially the nendoroid series and probably not for their car races, and this year they’re celebrating their 15th anniversary. That’s why they’re holding a special exhibition in Akihabara, at the 1333 Art Chiyoda gallery. I’ve already visited that place last winter after reading about it on various blogs about how Akihabara is becoming a place for art (don’t laugh they’re trying). I wasn’t there for the usual galleries and workshops tho, but to see the big Good Smile exhibition.


The space is pretty big and a ton of figures are displayed. All the Nendoroids from the beggining of the series are there and form a nice timeline around the room. I never saw the first 2006 models so it was pretty exciting. I think the older I can remember is the Yagami Light below:

gsc02 gsc07



best girl ever Mako


Besides the comprehensive Nendoroid collection a lot of scale figures are displayed. I don’t know if all Good Smile’s models is there but that’s a lot of figures. There’s a wall of Nendoroid Petite and some Figma. I’m not a big fan of Figma so I didn’t mind but if you love them there’s only a few. There’s also some stuff I didn’t know at all, like model cars (I just discovered the existence of Good Smile Racing and it does explains the Racing Miku figures) and a transforming miku robot. With twintails because details are important.

gsc10 gsc06 gsc14

I also didn’t know about this


that Black Rock Shooter has some nice metallic parts

I don’t have good pictures of the other room but the Thunderbolt Fantasy Dolls were displayed and it made me curious about that show. Also some really nice paintings.

That beautiful Card Captor Sakura is also a 15th Anniversary special, and I really was happy to be able to admire it after seeing so many pictures. If you ordered it I’m jealous. I can take care of it during your vacation. please.


The exhibition is free and ends on september 4th so there’s not much time! the rest of the building is also pretty interesting so it’s a good way to spend a couple hours on those rainy days.

Access and opening time on the official website

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