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Ultraman Festival, Kaiju invade Ikebukuro

The Ultraman Franchise is celebrating its 50th anniversary and it feels like every event I go to is an anniversary. It’s actually not that surprised in the tokusatsu world because three of the biggest franchises, Ultraman, Kamen Rider and Super Sentai, started 5 years apart from each other (it that order), so they tend to…read more

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Good Smile Company 15th Anniversary in Akihabara

You probably know Good Smile company for their figures, especially the nendoroid series and probably not for their car races, and this year they’re celebrating their 15th anniversary. That’s why they’re holding a special exhibition in Akihabara, at the 1333 Art Chiyoda gallery. I’ve already visited that place last winter after reading about it on…read more

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Sailor Moon x Isetan collaboration event

With the new Sailor Moon Crystal season coming out on free streaming site Niconico in April it’s time for Naoko Takeuchi to get some royalties out of merch! It’s not the first time Isetan has a collaboration event with everyone’s favorite magical girl and considering the popularity of the franchise it a safe move to…read more

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JAEPO 2016, an arcade game convention

Since I’ve arrived in Japan I stopped most of my expensive hobbies to start drawing again because it doesn’t take too much money (no job) or space (suitcase is already full and heavy enough) but there’s still something I can’t resist: arcade games. Good thing it doesn’t take space but I know there’s a number I don’t want…read more

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