WWOOF in Nayoro

It’s finally time I write in English about my WWOOF experiences in Hokkaido. I started my WWOOFing adventures in Nayoro, a small town north of Hokkaido. WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities for Organic Farming. It used to be only about farms but it got looser and you can now work in various places, even some…read more

Ultraman Festival, Kaiju invade Ikebukuro

The Ultraman Franchise is celebrating its 50th anniversary and it feels like every event I go to is an anniversary. It’s actually not that surprised in the tokusatsu world because three of the biggest franchises, Ultraman, Kamen Rider and Super Sentai, started 5 years apart from each other (it that order), so they tend to…read more

Good Smile Company 15th Anniversary in Akihabara

You probably know Good Smile company for their figures, especially the nendoroid series and probably not for their car races, and this year they’re celebrating their 15th anniversary. That’s why they’re holding a special exhibition in Akihabara, at the 1333 Art Chiyoda gallery. I’ve already visited that place last winter after reading about it on…read more

Dinosaurs and volcano in Sakurajima

I spent last June 3 days in Kagoshima, in the most southern part of Kyushu, and my priority there was to visit the volcanic island of Sakurajima. As its geographic location implies, it was already really hot mid June but we still decided to ride the ferry to stroll in the middle of volcanos. The…read more

Hydrangea storm in Fukuoka

I already went to Fukuoka on my first trip to Japan and, because of a typhoon, couldn’t visit it. I realized after coming again for a few days that I wasn’t actually missing anything. I’m honestly unimpressed. Of course, it’s not an horrible place, I liked Canal City’s fun architecture and the canals, but I also…read more

Flowers and fireflies at Expo Commemoration Park

The Expo Commemoration Park is a huge park in the north of Osaka. It was the site of World Expo 1970, is now a public park and is famous for one of Osaka’s emblems, the Tower of the Sun.   The parc usually closes early, around 5, but is exceptionnaly open until 9:30 until june 5th…read more

Climbing Fushimi Inari at night

I spent 4 days in Kyoto during may, and it was my first time actually staying in Kyoto, after going to that place several times on day trips. All those day trips let me tired and frustrated and I wanted to know why everyone was all about Kyoto so I used the week I had…read more

Sakura overload 2 : Ueno Koen

Ueno Koen is probably one of the two most famous parks in Tokyo with Yoyogi Koen, and is particularly convenient for me because it’s a mere 15 minutes walk from my place, which is the reason why I accepted to go there 3 times in the same week with different people. My first visit was on…read more

Kawaii Monster Cafe

I wanted to go to the Kawaii Monster Cafe since I arrived in Japan but miserably failed on my first try and didn’t want to go alone, that’s why I was really happy when Robin read my mind and suggested we go after our hanami in Yoyogi Koen. Oh, look at me writing my posts…read more

Nakano Broadway, welcome to Nerd Paradise

I said I’ll probably never translate my older posts to English but going back to Nakano Broadway yesterday filled me with motivation and it’s time for me to look back on one of the first posts of this blog, hate myself, and rewrite everything. On my second week in Tokyo, in November, I managed to…read more

Sakura overload 1 : Shinjuku Gyoen

Being in Tokyo for the sakura season my plans were to go to most famous places to see the cherry blossoms everywhere in the capital. I think I did pretty well tso it’s time for me to start this blog’s first series, sakura overload ! My sakura marathon started on March 30, at Shinjuku Gyoen,…read more

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A guided tour in Mandarake Complex

I already talked about Mandarake on my blog, when I went for the first time to Nakano Broadway  but  that time I joined one of Mandarake’s guided tours. It was actually the first tour in the Akihabara store, Mandarake Complex, and it may be the reason why we were only 2 people to show up….read more

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Q-pot Cafe

Q-pot is an accessory brand making super cute food shaped products, and last Friday was my second time going to their Cafe in Harajuku. Q-pot Cafe sells cakes inspired by their cake inspired jewelry, genius idea.   Japanese food companies always release a ton of cherry blossom themed products for spring and Q-pot Cafe also…read more

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Sailor Moon x Isetan collaboration event

With the new Sailor Moon Crystal season coming out on free streaming site Niconico in April it’s time for Naoko Takeuchi to get some royalties out of merch! It’s not the first time Isetan has a collaboration event with everyone’s favorite magical girl and considering the popularity of the franchise it a safe move to…read more

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Toei Hero World, a Kamen Rider fan heaven

Because you never have enough rubber monsters, Jun was back in Tokyo last week and as usual she had great plans. This time we took a train ride to Chiba to go to Toei Hero World with the awesome Linda I was meeting for the first time (10/10 would recommend). Toei Hero World Namco Action Museum is an…read more

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Shirohige’s Cream Puffs

Last week was my school break and I got the nice surprise of Rehem deciding last minute to visit me in Tokyo. Cute places were most of our plans and Shimokitazawa was an obvious stop. Shirohige’s Cream Puff Shop is well known for its Totoro shaped cream puffs but also sell some cute but quite…read more

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JAEPO 2016, an arcade game convention

Since I’ve arrived in Japan I stopped most of my expensive hobbies to start drawing again because it doesn’t take too much money (no job) or space (suitcase is already full and heavy enough) but there’s still something I can’t resist: arcade games. Good thing it doesn’t take space but I know there’s a number I don’t want…read more

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Going multilingual

I’ve been talking about writing in english for a while for two different reasons: Because I want to improve my language skills and because I want my non french speaking friends to be able to read my oh so interesting stories. I still haven’t decided if I will directly translate my french posts or if I will…read more

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